Friday, May 23, 2014

end of the year gifts

the school year is coming to an end...

give the teachers and other caregivers you love gifts from perch!


alexa pulitzer stationary collection and party cups

 a local favorite 

we have each type of stationary item in 
several different animals and colors - please
call the store to inquire if you are 
interested in a particular one

initial notes 


long notepad


20 pk thermo cups


the cutest candles in THE WORLD!

these vibrant elephant candles are slow burning and 
a completely adorable for anyone on your 
list! we have tons of colors and two sizes!

medium $88
small $30


king and queen crown placeholders

these snazzy crowns are the perfect way to display
a nametag - your favorite teachers will feel 
like royalty next school year!

$9 each


crowned head containers

in assorted animals

the ideal addition to any room, the crowned heads 
will provide safety for keepsakes, hidden 
just beneath their golden crowns

$105 each


book letters

combining a book with a monogram? what
could be more up a teacher's alley?!! these adorable
letters are hand carved out of vintage books and
perfectly unique!

$20 each


2844 magazine st
new orleans, la

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

new art at perch

perch. is stocked full of art! come check 
out our one-of-a-kind pieces from 
from our favorite artists! 


marilyn monroe serigraphs

“imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s 
better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”
                                                                          -  marilyn monroe

these bert stern serigraphs are original silk screens from 
1968. bert stern was famous for photographing marilyn 
monroe; these come from a series of photographs called
"the marilyn trip"

24" x 24"
$575.00 each


caroline coe hand cut art

we are obsessed with the new collection of caroline
coe's hand cut art! her paper butterfly collections are cut 
by hand from vintage maps and fine papers

vintage audubon flamingo
40" x 30"

vintage hand cut paper butterfly box
8" x 10"
walnut frame
$250.00 each

vintage hand cut paper butterfly box
8" x 10"
walnut frame
$380.00 each


connor mcmanus original

surprise! one more from one of our fav's - connor 
just brought us this piece and we think it is fabulous!

Rorschach #7
 acrylic on canvas