Monday, November 2, 2015

Paperwhites Holiday Trunk Show

A Holiday Choir of Blooms Trunk Show 
Paperwhites are coming to Perch and just in time for the holidays! 
Trunk Show featuring paperwhite arrangements from Carol Phillips at Perch 
Friday, November 13 - Saturday, November 14, 2015

Narcissus papyraceus, or paperwhites as we know them, are a perennial bulbous plant that begins to grow as soon as it is planted. Grown indoors, they begin to flower within 3 to 4 weeks reaching full bloom at 6 weeks. Either for a novice or the green-thumbed, these elegant flowers are notoriously easy to grow. 

These beautiful and fragrant flowers can be grown in all types of interesting vessles from antique silverplate pieces to terra cotta bowls and contemporary containers. These graceful arrangements are great for holiday centerpieces or as simple, cheery accents in your home. They are perfect gifts for friends and family, teachers and colleagues or anyone who wants to brighten their space or spirits during the winter months. 
Caring for your paperwhites
Depending on the number of bulbs in the arrangement, placing a few ice cubes atop the soil each week is all it takes for watering. If the blooms begin to bend with the weight and height of the flower, tie a ribbon around a grouping of them for stability, or use a stake or plant support and tie it to the stalk of the bloom for support.
Perch, in conjunction with our paperwhites maven Carol Phillips, will be hosting a trunk show, "A Holiday Choir of Blooms" Friday and Saturday this November 13th and 14th. We will be featuring an array of one-of-a-kind vessels and designs to fit any decor or space. We have gathered beautiful and interesting containers all year especially for this show. Even Carol, herself will be here on Friday to help decide which arrangement is best for you. 
There are many options to choose from, and yes, we will ship! 

So be sure to stop by Perch on Friday, November 13 or Saturday, November 14 
to stock up on your holiday presents, for others and yourself!