Saturday, June 18, 2016

Upholstery Archaeology

A year ago we opened our sister company New Orleans Dry Goods - a to the trade atelier/studio specializing in custom upholstery, furniture manufacturing and window treatments.  The talented team includes our head upholstery and carpentry expert Sergio Morales who is a master of his craft and has worked for years building custom cabinets and furniture.  

Since a major facet of our design business at Perch is to source antique and vintage pieces both for our showroom on Magazine Street, as well as for our design projects we (along with area designers & architects) keep the team at NODG busy revamping one of a kind furniture.   

I fell in love with this beautifully hand-carved Louis XVI settee I found at Round Top in Texas.    

 I knew it had some age to it, but I did not realize just how much until Sergio started carefully removing its top layer of fabric which revealed a bit about its long history and the tastes of its previous owners.

A layer of French silk brocade was uncovered beneath.  The style and color of the fabric was popular in Europe during the 18th & 19th centuries but was especially popular here in America during the Civil War.

Civil War Gentleman in silk paisley brocade in a Daguerreotype Photograph

The age of the settee was also made evident by the the casement of the interior filling which was a recycled grain sack.  It is filled with a combination of pine needles, & wiry animal hair, perhaps from a donkey or horse mane.

It was clearly gilded at some point early on which was discovered at it's interior.

As Sergio always says, "The old way is the best way," so he left the original interior as it was, but reinforced it underneath and added padding to smooth out the surface beneath it's top layer.  

While we kept the history & provenance beneath, we chose to breathe new life into this Grande Dame with a completely modern abstract fabric by our friends at The Blush Label.  

This beautiful settee will enjoy many reincarnations for years to come.  


Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Lighting at Perch

Let There Be New Lighting! 

Come visit us at Perch to check out our new lighting! 

Ranging from table lamps to chandeliers, contemporary to traditional, we have a wide range of new lighting to choose from that would fit into any home decor. 

These sleek, modern pendant lights will add a contemporary feel to any space. Most of our lighting options come in different finishes, including polished nickel, crystal, and hand-rubbed antique brass. 

This crystal talon table lamp will add a dash of whimsy to any room! 

For a more dramatic touch, add this large black porcelain lamp with linen shade. 

We have lamps for any room, any style! 
Add a touch of traditional class with this crystal chandelier with polished nickel detailing. A classic form with a modern twist! 
And get your sconces to coordinate! 
We have all your lighting needs at Perch so come visit us today! And if you're not local, we ship - check out website,, or give us a call (504) 899-2122 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Paperwhites Holiday Trunk Show

A Holiday Choir of Blooms Trunk Show 
Paperwhites are coming to Perch and just in time for the holidays! 
Trunk Show featuring paperwhite arrangements from Carol Phillips at Perch 
Friday, November 13 - Saturday, November 14, 2015

Narcissus papyraceus, or paperwhites as we know them, are a perennial bulbous plant that begins to grow as soon as it is planted. Grown indoors, they begin to flower within 3 to 4 weeks reaching full bloom at 6 weeks. Either for a novice or the green-thumbed, these elegant flowers are notoriously easy to grow. 

These beautiful and fragrant flowers can be grown in all types of interesting vessles from antique silverplate pieces to terra cotta bowls and contemporary containers. These graceful arrangements are great for holiday centerpieces or as simple, cheery accents in your home. They are perfect gifts for friends and family, teachers and colleagues or anyone who wants to brighten their space or spirits during the winter months. 
Caring for your paperwhites
Depending on the number of bulbs in the arrangement, placing a few ice cubes atop the soil each week is all it takes for watering. If the blooms begin to bend with the weight and height of the flower, tie a ribbon around a grouping of them for stability, or use a stake or plant support and tie it to the stalk of the bloom for support.
Perch, in conjunction with our paperwhites maven Carol Phillips, will be hosting a trunk show, "A Holiday Choir of Blooms" Friday and Saturday this November 13th and 14th. We will be featuring an array of one-of-a-kind vessels and designs to fit any decor or space. We have gathered beautiful and interesting containers all year especially for this show. Even Carol, herself will be here on Friday to help decide which arrangement is best for you. 
There are many options to choose from, and yes, we will ship! 

So be sure to stop by Perch on Friday, November 13 or Saturday, November 14 
to stock up on your holiday presents, for others and yourself!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wallpaper is back and more fabulous than ever!

Wallpaper is back and more fabulous than ever!

The new addition to Perch <3

A few months back, we found ourselves drooling over this colorful, fantastical, whimsical wallpaper and thought to ourselves, we MUST have it for Perch!


We called our go-to wallpaper guru Dennis Gauthier who has been in the game for 48 years, and decided to document how he works his magic.


Putting up wallpaper seems easy enough, right?  Wrong! It is so important to have a wallpaper installed by a professional.  Here’s how its done…

The first thing Dennis told us is that when he looks at wallpaper he sees numbers, not patterns.  “You need a really good background in math because it is all geometry”, he said. This had us scratching our heads, because that is the LAST thing we see when we were looking at this beaut!

Figuring out the type of "match" this wallpaper required.

...There are three types of wallpaper "match" patterns…
  1. Random Match : where none of the pattern is consistent (e.g. a mural scene)
  2. Straight Match : where the pattern is matched identically (e.g. vertical stripes)
  3. Drop Match : where the first roll is hung from the top of the roll/pattern, and the next roll is hung midway through the roll/pattern … this is the type of wallpaper we were working with.

While our paper could have been hung as a straight match, the pattern would appear repetitive, and would certainly take away from the etherial charm the “scene” naturally has.

The diagonal effect that is produced by hanging the paper in a Drop Match fools the eye to make the pattern appear larger and more complex. 

He pasted two rolls at a time to allow the paper to get tacky, attaching the top the roll under the picture hanging molding and straightening it after it has fallen “naturally” to the base of the wall. He made it clear that hanging wallpaper in New Orleans is never uniform, as the houses shift so frequently and so much, that lines on walls are rarely even.

Once the roll was up he used a number of tools to brush out and secure the paper to the wall..

  • A special roller that adheres the edges of the paper to the wall, and to the next roll
  • A large flat brush that pushes out any air pockets and paste buildup that may remain
  • A specialized razor blade to cut the roll at the top and bottom to ensure the edges line up perfectly.

Et voilà!

We have a whole library of wall covering books here at perch just waiting for you to come and peruse!

Whether you're looking for a traditional toile, a funky geometric, a modern metallic or a coastal grasscloth, we've got you covered!

Some of our current faves...

Feel free to stop by or call us to schedule an appointment to peruse our wallpaper library.

2844 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
504-899-2122 T

Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer Sale at perch.

Now through the end of August Many 
In Store Items 
25-75% OFF !!

Call us to check availability.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Stage Managers

Last week there was a flurry of action around Perch as we helped the team at Fowler Development stage their latest property for sale. The home is a lovely 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath immaculately restored Victorian on Jefferson Ave in the Uptown neighborhood. 

Creating a stylish yet neutral look for a real estate property in a matter of days can be like a mini-boot camp for designers. After receiving the plans and project scope, putting together a budget and game plan have to happen quickly.

Perch is ideal for staging as we have well-appointed showroom as a ready resource to pull a great look together in a time crunch. Regardless, there is quite a bit of running around necessary to install. Some pieces still had to be pulled from storage, or from on display at various locations, as well as a few pieces we acquired on loan. Movers must be arranged to pick up from the store, and all other locations, and coordinated for delivery with owner and contractors.

In this instance, all had to be delivered before the photoshoot, but after the floors were dry enough to walk on...leaving us about a day to move everything in. We were “blessed” with a lovely day to make this move, as much of the day NOLA was under a pouring rain. We beat the downpour for the early morning loading the truck at our shop, but were not as fortunate for the journey. However the show must go on, and the stage must be set!  

The weather once again cleared up by the time we got to the house, but there was still plenty juggling to deal with!

Controlled chaos is expected at any interiors install, and staging is simply an install in a pressure cooker. In the end, we pulled together a lovely environment that will really accentuate such a gorgeous property.

In the parlor and dining room, we created a small seating area with a more formal feel using some of our elegant upholstered pieces, including a pair of our cream bergeres in oatmeal linen. A pair of zebra-print linen pillows break up the mostly neutral upholstery.

An exquisite antique Italian dining table, on loan from Elaine Bush, from her collection of pieces still left from the now closed eponymous Bush Antiques, echoes the rustic elegance of the chandelier. Antique chinoiserie chairs add an exotic flair that is picked up again in the pair of handpainted mint chinoiserie panels.

The family room has a decidedly more casual look juxtaposed with a few more refined details. A sisal rug (custom through Perch) plays off the texture of a limed oak coffee table’s sleek mirrored top, as well as a glam pair of glam metallic glass-beaded throw pillows. Our gray high-backed armchair adds some much-needed verticality to the arrangement in a space with such tall ceilings. The large scale printed canvasses of cut flora bring the garden views into the space.

The team at Nadeau were so kind in locating us a cute, rustic, limed farm table for the breakfast area. We paired the table with our lucite chiavari ballroom chair, dressed in a custom cushion in a very vibrant indoor/outdoor fabric from Trina Turk (available at Perch) for a pop of color.   

A pin-cushion tufted velvet mirror adds a sensuous touch to the charming and elegant powder room. Fowler Developers has added many custom touches to the home, such as the antique gilt console, found at Antiques on Jackson, turned into a sink vanity.
Considering that this is a property that will soon become a home to someone else, one may wonder why bother staging a home at all. Statistics point to Staging helps sell a home faster and for a higher asking price. A buyer is 46% more likely to follow through on viewing a property that is staged after seeing the listing’s photos online.

There are two ways to look at staging; whether the home be already occupied, or an empty/new construction home. The former has to do with editing for the buyer, the second is about creating a vision. In editing, the goal is to remove some of the homeowner's personality (and, perhaps, clutter) to allow the potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the home, as well as to make the home feel as spacious as possible. In terms of staging an empty, or new construction property, the seller is coming at the same goal from the opposite direction. For a person not used to viewing with empty spaces, a blank canvas can actually be overwhelming. When the appropriately scaled pieces are chosen, a room can actually appear larger than an empty room, since a buyer can better understand a room’s scale. Staging can also be invaluable in an awkward space in helping understand a workable and usable layout.

Staging real estate properties has long been used as a selling tool, but in recent years has only increased in usefulness. Perch is uniquely qualified for this task in having access to both a shop filled with unique and readily available pieces and a talented design team to pull together an appropriate staging package. We are more than happy to help you in staging your next real estate venture or settling in to that next newly purchased home!